We combine Law, Loans and Real Estate services to you well after you are back on your financial feet.  You will never have a need for a real estate broker, a mortgage loan originator broker, a financial planner or a lawyer again…we will provide a one stop shop for all things Real Estate now and well beyond the end of your financial nightmare.  

Should you choose our firm, this is our pledge to you:

  • My team and I will respect you, your unique situation and your personal financial goals.
  • I will personally review your finances, your foreclosure and your legal options.
  • I will personally analyze and explain the PROS and CONS of each of your available options, anticipate contingencies, conceive plans of action and provide a quote for a menu of available services.
  • I will provide recommendations as if I were in your shoes.
  • We will be brutally honest and direct about the possibilities of success and failure.
  • We will promptly respond to your calls and emails.
  • We will stay connected to the relevant financial and legal issues of the day, so as to better assist you in making INFORMED decisions about your real estate, your debts and your long term financial health.
  • We will provide counsel in your recovery from this financial crisis; including the resurrection of your credit history, your future qualification for mortgage financing, your future real estate transactions and estate planning.
  • We will remove any future need for a real estate broker or a mortgage loan originator by combining those services with our law practice all in one convenient location.
  • We will act as your ADVOCATES and ALWAYS HAVE YOUR BACK in matters of real estate, mortgages and your future financial well being.

-J. Arthur Roberts, Esq.