If you are facing potential foreclosure in these harsh economic times, it is very possible that you have been besieged with offers for help with your situation. Many of these offers will be scams designed to extract money from you with no result. If foreclosure is currently a real threat for you and your family, it is essential that you immediately contact a California foreclosure lawyer at once to get ethical, skilled legal guidance and action for your case defense.

How Foreclosure Scams Work

According to information from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), scams relating to foreclosure situations usually make promises that are often too good to be true. They may be offering to “rescue” your family by means of your signing the house over to them, of buying your house from you and leasing it back to you (with worse terms than you had before), or of your making payments to the fraudulent parties while they purportedly renegotiate the loan terms for you. Needless to say, these unscrupulous people are to be avoided at all costs.

One scamming method is the “phony counseling” that tells consumers that if they pay the fraudulent company, then the company will make a deal with the lender to reduce mortgage payments. This company may even be posing as a law firm to make false promises. Another scamming option is the “forensic audit” which offers professional investigation of your lender’s actions in exchange for an up-front fee. These purported auditors claim that their reports (audits) can save your home from foreclosure.

The “rent-to-buy” scheme promises that, in exchange for surrendering the title to your home, you can rent your house until you can afford to buy it back again later. Finally, the bait-and-switch scam simply gets homeowners to sign over the title when they actually think they are signing another loan. By contacting Law Office of J. Arthur Roberts, we can review your personal financial situation and work out a strategy to try to keep you in your home or pursue a short sale or other alternative to foreclosure.

Attorney for Foreclosure and Scam Defense

For 20 years, our firm has d effectively guided clients facing foreclosure to favorable outcomes with their cases. Fighting foreclosure can be an extremely detailed and confusing process, and we are here to simplify things and to assist you in your pursuit of a less stressful financial arrangement with regards to your home. Avoiding scams by seeking a legally accepted law firm with the experience to help you should be your first step in protecting our home.