Firm commentary:

Over the last 5 years, it has been the practice of lenders and creditor attorneys to submit deceptive pleadings and false evidence to bankruptcy and unlawful detainer courts so as to induce a specific result such as an Order on Motion for Relief of Stay. We have fought against this practice and are often frustrated by courts’ unwillingness to believe, or even inquire, into the shoddy practices of creditor attorneys. Perhaps the tide has turned?

In the attached case, CA Eastern District Judge Sargis slams the Deutsche Bank’ Attorneys, Law office of Les Zieve, after catching the creditor attorney in the act of intentionally misleading the court. If you have filed bankruptcy foreclosure or faced eviction in California then you have likely encountered the Law Office of Les Zieve. The creditor law firm is a high volume foreclosure and eviction mill that values speed and production of accuracy or the preservation of the integrity of the legal system. Contact this Firm for a review of your case.

Read the court’s order at:


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