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Law Office of J. Arthur Roberts has a successful track record of helping clients with the short sale process by combining our Law practice with our Real Estate Brokerage.  A Short Sale is the LAST RESORT if you’ve exhausted your options for saving the property.   Short Sale is a much better outcome than Foreclosure Sale for restoring your credit worthiness.  Before we give up on Loan Modification, we will first review all possibilities for you to SAVE the property so that you can make an informed decision. We offer a “NO FEE”  Short Sale-the BANK or BUYER pays ALL of your BROKER and your ATTORNEY FEES.  PLUS, you typically, you receive $3,000.00 in negotiated “Cash for Keys” as well.

A short sale is the sale of one’s property for a price that is short of the amount owed on the loan, sometimes implemented in lieu of foreclosure when the homeowner has been unable to make timely house payments and the property is mortgaged beyond its current market value. It can be extremely complicated to get a short sale and will necessitate the help of a California foreclosure attorney to pursue the process.  While hiring a Short Sale Broker who is also an experienced Attorney has many  OBVIOUS advantages, it won’t cost you anything as the Bank or the new Buyer pays our fee.

With the help of our unique firm, we can evaluate the amount of your loan, the possible sales price through a short sale process and the lender’s policies from our past experience working with them. We will be able to present a short sale request to the lender in a manner that can increase the possibility of getting a short sale approved and allowing you to sell your home and move on with your life rather than going through foreclosure proceedings.

With a short sale, the lender is essentially agreeing to accept an amount less than they actually are owed. Once a short sale is approved, no further deficiencies are permitted per California Code of Civil Procedure § 580e. However, there can be INCOME TAX implications from a Short Sale which must be determine before you complete the sale.  There are several ways to avoid the income taxes, but you should never trust a real estate agent to give you tax advise:  Agents have an interest in the sales commission and often “gloss over” the true income tax and debt implications of Short Sales.  Under what circumstances would a lender agree to this option? The borrower typically has to make a case that they are suffering significant financial hardship which is preventing them from paying the debt. Lenders will often obtain a property appraisal in order to make an accurate determination on the actual current property value and how much a short sale will cover/not cover that amount.  Homeowners need to be ad

A short sale can adversely affect a person’s credit, however, it is important to remember that a person considering short sale will already have fallen behind on their mortgage payments, which can have an even more negative impact on credit. Before entering into a short sale, it would be wise to consult with an attorney to learn if this is the best option for your specific financial situation.

An Attorney\Broker Committed to Community Home Ownership, Foreclosure Defense and Credit Resurrection.

Once you’ve made an informed decision to put your home up for sale, we will assist in negotiating short sale and completed so that you can be free from the burden of an underwater property.  When you no longer have that debt to consider, you can begin to look forward to re-establishing your financial health. Attorney Roberts has the comprehensive understanding of the process of fighting foreclosure to help increase the chances of a favorable outcome for you or the experience to facilitate your graceful exit strategy. Our firm will discuss your alternatives in simple terms that can help you make an informed decision as to your legal and financial options. You can feel confident in the hands of a firm with 20 years of experience. The process requires legal skill to ensure that you do not end up owing the shortfall between the sale price and the amount of the original mortgage, to minimize your income tax exposure and to resurrect your credit and get you back into the housing market in as little as two years.

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You receive an HONEST Loan Modification and Short Sale evaluation

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You learn to leverage your RIGHTS under the Home Owner Bill of Rights

You receive proven STRATEGIES to prevent or delay Foreclosure Sales

You learn about Lawsuits, Bankruptcies, Loan Mod and Resurrecting your Credit


Get the FACTS, MYTHS and BEST STRATEGIES before completing a SHORT SALE.

Don’t be MISLEAD by a Real Estate Agent!

It starts with a one on one consultation with Attorney Roberts.  If your Lender violated the California Home Owner Bill of Rights, you may STILL be able to save your Home.  Learn about the Tax Implications of Short Sale before you commit-You MAY owe Short Sale related Income Tax.  Be sure that you negotiate Cash for Keys or buy EXTRA TIME in the Property.  Retaining an Attorney/Broker can be FREE-You get access to a 20 year lawyer and the bank or buyer pays our fees.  We can HELP!

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