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Our one and only goal is to keep you as a homeowner.

Your house is much MORE than just an investment…it’s your family home, your nest, your castle. We NEVER lose sight of the importance of home ownership for families in our community.

We pride ourselves in guiding folks fighting financial distress, but also preventing “money trouble” in the future. Home Lifeline combines the traditional role of attorney, real estate agent and loan broker all under ONE ROOF. You receive expert advice as well as legal, financial and tax services covering all aspects of Home Ownership.

We tailor and execute an affordable game plan that gets you back on your feet…FOR LIFE. When it comes to any debt, real estate, credit report or mortgage issue, there is no reason to go it ALONE.

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Schedule a “Coffee with Counsel” and speak with attorney J. Arthur Roberts. Like a doctor’s office, Home Lifeline will evaluate your unique situation. You will receive the full range of facts, legal options and strategies including debt settlement, mortgage litigation, loan modification, strategic default,short sale v. foreclosurebankruptcy pros & cons, income tax & credit effects, credit restoration and new homes and loans. Contact us today for a confidential evaluation.