Short Sales Lawyer in Orange County

When you are facing serious financial problems and want to protect your credit from further damage, you may have an option in what is termed a “short sale”. A short sale is used when you do not have the option to “stay” (halt) the foreclosure process on your home through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This legal procedure gives you the option to do a sale of the home for less than your mortgaged amount, and be released from the debt of the mortgage in full. With the help of an Orange County short sales attorney, it can be determined if this is the right legal option for you. At the Law Offices of J. Arthur Roberts, the attorney can work with you and review your financial situation. There are many options when fighting foreclosure and a short sale may be the right way to go in your case. Sometimes the foreclosure is too close to attempt other legal actions and a short sale can work out well for you and protect your financial future.

Orange County Short Sales Lawyer

The laws regarding loan modifications, foreclosures, bankruptcy filings and short sales are all part of the possible options that may be right in your case. If you don’t wish to file for bankruptcy (or can’t for various reasons) a short sale may be the best option for you. However, it is vital that you get your mortgage documents reviewed to determine what the actual situation is in your case. Legal recourse may be available to you in the form of foreclosure defense depending on the wording of your documents and other factors. Before proceeding with any decision, it is best to contact the Law Offices of J. Arthur Roberts to determine what the best legal move is for you in your specific case.

The lawyer from the Law Offices of J. Arthur Roberts is very familiar with all aspects of loan modifications, short sales, foreclosure defense and bankruptcy law. There are many legal options available to those who are in financial trouble and need assistance. With an attorney supporting you, the likelihood of a better resolution to the problem increases. Many banks are more accommodating with attorneys than they are with customers, unfortunately. Get the legal backup you really need when you are facing problems with foreclosure and are considering a short sale or other legal option.

Contact an Orange County Short Sales Attorney from the Law Offices of J. Arthur Roberts when you need a skilled lawyer to assist you with a short sale or other solutions to financial problems.