FALL 2013 Special Offers:


Offer #1:  “No Fee” Chapter 7 Bankruptcy ($2,500.00 value):

“Homeowners in need of a Chapter 7 “No-Asset” Bankruptcy

Must have low income, are not self employed and want to Short Sell 

(Court filing fees apply-Free Bankruptcy is contingent upon closed Short Sale)


Offer #2:  Free Personalized Consultation with Attorney Roberts ($300 value):

“Homeowners in Foreclosure or Financial Distress who are involved in or want a Short Sale”


Help for Homeowners Who Currently
Have Their Properties Listed for Short Sale

Beware of Real Estate Agents who “PLAY LAWYER” and provide legal and tax advice!

— The real estate agent misrepresents tax consequences.
— The real estate agent misrepresents how secondary debt and HOAs are treated.
— The real estate agent acts on inappropriate lender requests for seller contributions.
— The real estate agent breaches fiduciary duty owed to you.
— The real estate agent provides poor oversight of a loss mitigation company.
— The real estate agent lacks the required license to undertake loss mitigation.
— The real estate agent facilitates transactions not listed on the HUD-1 form.



California Debt Relief Attorney\Broker\MBA Since 1991

There is a reason we have been in business for over 20 years: Our personal game plan approach works!

Lawyers, real estate brokers, investors and predators take a variety of different approaches when it comes to serving the needs of Homeowners in Financial Distress. As a result, the public has been under served by these various one-size fits all approaches. The California debt relief lawyers at this law office has learned through blood, sweat and tears the key to minimizing debt and maximizing the probability of retaining property is to create and execute a personalized game plan utilizing all of the available tactics and tools discussed in this website.

Engaging our firm is like visiting a doctor’s office for the first time. The first step is to examine the patient, the problems, the facts and the prospects for financial recovery. Understanding the immediate deadlines and numbers always comes first. The back-story of how you ended up in financial distress is less important than focusing on what can be done moving forward. Equally important is an honest discussion of your realistic needs, goals and desires. Reaching your goals depends on what tools are available and how and when they can be utilized: If, when, why, how and how often to apply tools such as Bankruptcy, Debt Settlement, Loan Modification, Lawsuits, Short Sales and Homeowner Bill of Rights are common topics of discussion. As your game plan comes into focus, you will gain a concrete understanding the timelines, the legal affects and the probable outcomes of each option. We will discuss fees and payment arrangements. We discuss contingencies and always are thinking about Plan B.

A guiding thought is…”What would I do if I were you?”

Where a home is in foreclosure, multiple services are sometimes needed. While the powerful Bankruptcy Laws have been around for hundreds of years, Bankruptcy alone RARELY solves the challenges facing a Homeowner in Financial Distress. Loan modification is not a legal right…it is a bank’s re-investment decision. Until the enactment of the California Homeowner Bill of Rights in 2013, a borrower wasn’t even entitled to fair consideration or treatment. Government sponsored residential loan modification programs did not exist before 2009. When the foreclosure crisis hit, most California attorneys were generally unfamiliar with how the lending industry evaluates Homeowners in Financial Distress.

Loan modification is a processing play similar to loan origination. Banks will generally pick the most profitable avenue based on 34 different assumptions about hypothetical return on investment of foreclosure proceeds, property value, likelihood of your re-default and provable income. As such, a typical Bankruptcy attorney is ill equipped to think like a loan originator just as a typical loan originator or real estate agent is ill equipped to think like a bankruptcy attorney. Neither generally thinks like a litigator.

We specialize in Homeowners in Financial Distress, those “Fallen Angels” challenged by the foreclosure crisis. Attorney Roberts is not only an experienced bankruptcy attorney, but a holder of an MBA, a real estate broker and the former CEO\General Counsel of a mortgage company. If you are struggling with your mortgage and are looking for a debt relief lawyer in California who will keep you updated, care about your situation and serve you with reliable and dedicated legal counsel, then you need not look any further. We are uniquely qualified to help you. Our services go beyond your recovery from the Financial Distress and guiding you on your way to a FRESH START.



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