California Foreclosure Attorney

Foreclosure proceedings generally begin after a person is 3 to 4 months behind on making their mortgage payments. A Notice of Default is issued, giving you a set number of days to catch up or risk your property being foreclosed on. Exact legal steps must be followed by the lender in order to legally pursue the foreclosure, which often are not properly done. A person can lose all of the investment they have in their home if proper steps are not taken to stop the process. It is essential to contact a California foreclosure lawyer from Law Office of J. Arthur Roberts as soon as possible.

The truth is that mortgage companies would often rather see an individual retain possession of their home and keep the property off the mortgage company’s books. Re-negotiating loan terms with them can, however, be an utterly daunting task. Even talking to the same person twice can seem virtually impossible at times, and often with every new person one speaks with they get what seems to be entirely new information.

Knowledgeable Foreclosure Lawyer in California

Our legal team has worked with numerous lenders and is very familiar with the underwriting guidelines each has. With this information, we know what actions need to be taken to keep an individual in their home. If you are facing foreclosure you are urged to contact our legal team to get the immediate legal help you need in order to potentially stave off foreclosure.

Our firm has 20 years of experience and has helped many clients with loan re-negotiation, short sales, delaying foreclosures, and also in challenging the right of mortgage companies to foreclose. In some cases, the loan terms or paperwork have errors, foreclosure papers improperly filed, or other details that could allow our firm to challenge these irregularities out keep you in your home.